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Our Story


Buckaloose is a Hawaiian term for a wayward kite whose string has broken and is wildly flapping in the wind. Like a Buckaloose the three of us came from all different angles with respect to how we wanted to create our winery, but one thing remained constant and that was to make good quality small batch wine.  So "Break Loose" and enjoy our wildly good wines. We think you'll find yourself on cloud 9.


Our Team

From Left to Right:

Dominic, a retired Firefighter, has a love of wine and became intrigued with the chemistry of making wine. After several internships and studies at UC Davis for winemaking, Dominic became the Head Winemaker/ Owner for Buckaloose Wines.

Ron, a Biomarker Sales Specialist, is an Owner and fellow lover of wine. His passion has brought him to attain his SDSU business of wine certificate, WSET Advanced award as well as completion of the French Wine Scholar program.

Michael, a Regional Sales Director for a Bioscience company, is an Owner and fellow lover of wine. He holds a WSET Level 2 certificate, and is the creative mind behind our wine names and much of our marketing.  He specializes in Italian wines.

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