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2022 Chardonnay - Boundless

The front label of this 2022 Chardonnay features artist Tiffany Bociek. Working out of her San Diego studio, Tiffany specializes in Encaustic Paintings. This is a form of painting that involves a heated wax medium to which colored pigments have been added. 

The art piece that was created for our Chardonnay, "Boundless", features a mesmerizing trapeze artist suspended in mid-air, skillfully maneuvering as she holds three vibrant kites. 

Visit Tiffany's website to learn more about her and view other pieces:

2022 Chardonnay.png
Les Enfants D'espoir Résisilient.png
Soulevez Mon Espoir.png
Away They Fly Dreams that Never Die.png
Shooting Skeets like Shoo.png
White border edges.jpg
The Passage.png
Single Lens Reflex.png
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